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Buy Lamsa Card UAE. Trusted by Millions of Families.

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Original price AED 225.00 - Original price AED 375.00
Original price
AED 375.00
AED 225.00 - AED 375.00
Current price AED 375.00
A one-stop destination created for your child's development. Lamsa Is Trusted by Millions of Families.

Discover the talents of your children, and encourage them to learn their native language with passion with Lamsa app. Lamsa is a kids app with over 400 engaging and interactive stories, games, coloring and videos in a safe and ad-free environment.


Lamsa's Learning Framework is developed with a focus on learners' development across various domains, including physical, cognitive, social and emotional, sensory, and speech. Lamsa continuously strives to identify and incorporate the latest rigorous developmental research into its framework and methodology, with the support of curriculum experts and seasoned educators from around the world.

Personalized Learning Experiences

The more your child learns with Lamsa, the better we cater to their educational needs and preferences. Lamsa offers children an integrated learning journey that scaffolds their development across various academic and developmental domains while providing personalized, interest-based experiences for your child.

Keeps Track of Progression

Regularly monitor your child's learning with Lamsa's Parent Report Feature. Lamsa provides accessible guidance and tools for encouraging your child's learning based on their developmental profile, interests, needs, and behavior.

A one-stop destination created for your child's development.

How to use:

  1. Enter through the application or website:
  2. Create your own account or login.
  3. On the subscriptions page, choose "Subscribe now via verification code".
  4. Enter the card code that you got.
  5. After completing the previous steps, you can enjoy all educational activities.

    Delivery Method:

    • Orders delivered via WhatsApp or email.

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    Buy Lamsa Card UAE. Trusted by Millions of Families.
    AED 375.00