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Dispute Policy

This dispute policy serves as an important reference for customers engaging in transactions with R Smart eShop, also known as We kindly request that you carefully review the following policies before accessing or utilizing our website.

Please note that ALL disputes must be initiated on R Smart eShop. Failure to do so will result in a permanent account blockage by R Smart eShop.

R Smart eShop offers a dispute resolution process within three working days, and the procedure can be expedited if you provide the following information:

  • Photographic or video evidence demonstrating the damage or flaw in the item.
  • In cases where photos do not sufficiently demonstrate the product deficiency, please upload videos.
  • Screenshots of received emails or disputes, including details such as names, dates, and content.
  • Screenshots of customer complaints received via payment gateways, emails, etc.
  • If requested by our Dispute Team in the "Disputes" section, products should be returned to R Smart eShop.

R Smart eShop provides the following options for refunds, resending, or accepting returns in the following situations:

Orders Not Received:

  • R Smart eShop will not process refunds or resend products if the tracking information confirms delivery.
  • Scenarios such as incorrect or insufficient addresses, non-existent recipients, failure to pick up in a timely manner, lack of safe delivery location, customs clearance issues, and others will not be eligible for refunds or resending.
    • Notes:
      • Local distributors will make delivery attempts one to three times based on the actual circumstances. If the package remains unclaimed during the delivery period, it will be returned to the local post office for storage, typically for 3-7 days. Customers are responsible for picking up the package themselves. R Smart eShop does not assume liability for any loss of products during the return process.
      • In the case of return service provided by the logistics company to the United Arab Emirates, R Smart eShop will place the products in your inventory and will not issue refunds upon receiving the returned items.

Products Damaged:

  • R Smart eShop offers a full refund or replacement for packages that arrive severely damaged.
  • For packages that arrive with partial damage (excluding minor issues like thread, slight wrinkles, small scratches, etc.), R Smart eShop offers a partial refund or replacement.
    • Note: To request a refund for damaged products, please provide pictures of the tracking label, damaged package, and damaged products within 7 business days of package delivery. Failure to include any of these pictures will result in the rejection of the refund request.

Incorrect or Missing Products:
R Smart eShop follows a strict quality control process before dispatching products. The company handles incorrect or missing products as follows:

  • For incorrect products, R Smart eShop offers a full refund or replacement.
  • For products with incorrect color or size that affect product functionality, R Smart eShop offers a refund or resend if a screenshot of the complaint, including name, content, and date, is provided.
  • For missing parts that do not affect product functionality, R Smart eShop may offer a partial refund or resend the missing part. For missing parts that impact product functionality, R Smart eShop will resend the complete product.
  • For missing accessories, R Smart eShop will resend the necessary items.
    • Note: Regarding size-related disputes, R Smart eShop greatly appreciates if you can measure the product using the correct measurement method and provide a photo of the measurement. This will allow our dispute team to promptly handle your concerns.

Order Cancellation:
R Smart eShop offers a full refund for order cancellations made before orders are confirmed and processing begins. However, specific conditions apply to the following types of orders:

  • Payments for personalized POD (Print on Demand) orders cannot be canceled as they involve customized products.
  • Payments for private inventory orders cannot be canceled as they are special products exclusively available to you.
  • Payments for customized service orders cannot be canceled as R Smart eShop has planned and prepared for these orders following payment.
    • Note: Once an order is confirmed and processing begins, a shipping fee compensation of $2.99 will be charged if the order is canceled. No refunds will be accepted for order cancellations after fulfillment.

Order Delay:
Order delay refers to orders lacking tracking information or being in transit, pending, or expired for a specific number of days from the date of departure from R Smart eShop's warehouse. However, different rules apply to certain countries and shipping methods:

  • For orders shipped to the USA, the deadline is 60 days from the date of departure from R Smart eShop's warehouse.
  • For sea shipments, the deadline is 100 days from the date of departure from R Smart eShop's warehouse.

R Smart eShop will NOT provide refunds, resending, or accept returns in the following cases:

Deadline of Orders:

  • Disputes cannot be opened for orders with closed status. Typically, the order close date is around 30 days.
  • Disputes cannot be resolved if your order is closed and third-party tracking information is untraceable.

Return Limitations:

  • Products must be returned within 7 days of receipt, and returns can only be made to R Smart eShop. However, we do not recommend returning products to our warehouses due to high international shipping costs and the extended delivery time of at least 3 months. Most products are likely to be lost or damaged during the return journey.
  • R Smart eShop assumes no responsibility for any damage or loss of products that occur during the return process.

Unacceptable Disputes:
R Smart eShop will not accept unreasonable disputes, including but not limited to cases where the buyer simply does not like the product, the product has an unusual smell, the buyer ordered the wrong items or SKU, the shipping address was incorrect, tracking information was deleted by logistics companies or local post offices, orders marked as delivered while the consumer claims non-receipt (R Smart eShop can provide contact information for local delivery complaints), and service-related products.

Service Products:

  • Generally, service products may not be eligible for returns.
  • For service products without R Smart eShop's quality checking inspection, disputes may not be accepted.

Force Majeure:

  • R Smart eShop is not liable for product damage or shipping delays caused by acts of God, including but not limited to epidemics, international situations, strikes, wars, earthquakes, floods, viruses, storms, heavy snowfall, or customs inspections.
  • However, R Smart eShop will notify you through various communication channels, such as R Smart eShop Chat, email, Line, WhatsApp, etc.

R Smart eShop may modify your shipping fee in the following situations:

Remote Area:
Some addresses may not be reachable by your selected shipping supplier, requiring a switch to another valid method. If this adjustment affects the shipping fee, corresponding compensation will be charged. If no applicable shipping supplier is available, we may have to cancel your order. Our customer service assistant will contact you in such cases, so please stay attentive.

Other Sources:
Products imported from sources other than R Smart eShop may have weight deviations and will not be shipped until our customer service verifies the issue. If any freight differences arise, our agents will contact you to rectify the situation. Our customer service assistant will reach out to you in such cases, so please pay attention.

Bulk Orders of Lightweight Products
When purchasing a large quantity of low-density items such as pillows or fluffy toys, international couriers may apply higher shipping fees. Should this situation arise, our customer service assistant will promptly reach out to you. Kindly remain attentive for any communications regarding this matter.

VAT (Value Added Tax)
In most cases, the product cost already includes VAT. However, certain countries may impose additional VAT charges during the shipping process. If such circumstances occur, our customer service assistant will contact you to provide necessary information. Please ensure you are attentive to any communications regarding this matter.

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