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KNX DALI gateway REG-K/1/16(64)/64/IP1.

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AED 2,448.00
AED 2,448.00 - AED 2,448.00
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Schneider Electric  KNX DALI gateway REG-K/1/16(64)/64/IP1


KNX DALI gateway REG-K/1/16(64)/64/IP1. The KNX DALI gateway connects KNX to the DALI bus. The gateway is a category I control device with an integrated DALI power supply for the EBs (electronic ballasts / electronic control gear). The device is a Single-Master Controller according to EN 62386 ed/1 and ed/2. It is able to control DALI ECGs ed/1 and ed/2 -also mixed- but according to single master controller it cannot support DALI-2 sensors like movement- and presence detectors, switches etc. It supports the switching and dimming of up to 64 EBs in 16 groups and the control up to 16 scenes. The 64 EBs can be controlled individually or in groups. Error messages of individual EBs or each connected lamp can be transmitted to the KNX and visualised. DALI commissioning and configuration, as well as group assignment and scene setting, can be carried out using: The device (display and operating buttons which can be optionally disabled). Web server functions: Access via the LAN network using a PC, PDA or web panel. Commissioning is also made easier using a WLAN adapter. The internal web pages can be used to start up the device, and to configure, operate and display all important functions. Two separate user profiles with their own password. Effect module with 16 effects and a total of up to 500 commands. Configuring: scenes, effects, service, maintenance, burn-in, operating hours. Operating: device, EBs and groups. Displays: Status and error messages. Integrated color control with max. 16 templates with up to 300 commands. Configurable scenes with brightness and color values. With integrated bus coupler. For installation on DIN rails TH35 according to EN 60715. The bus is connected using a bus connecting terminal. KNX software functions: Switching, dimming and value object per group or EB. Staircase timer function, status objects, delays between status feedbacks. Detailed error messages per EB and group. Test of DALI EBs for emergency lighting with central battery or built-in battery with selectable test intervals. Parallel broadcast triggering of all EBs, switch-on/switch-off. Dimming speeds for relative dimming and dimming values. Dimming value max./min. Various modes (normal, permanent, night, panic). Operating hours counter and automatic burn-in per EB. Supply voltage: AC/DC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz. Outputs: DALI D+, D-, DC 16-18 V (basic insulation, not SELV), max. 128 mA, short circuit-proof. Interfaces: KNX, Ethernet RJ-45, DALI.

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KNX DALI gateway REG-K/1/16(64)/64/IP1.
AED 2,448.00