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PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a free-to-play battle royale video game developed by LightSpeed & Quantum Studio, a division of Tencent Games.
PUBG 400$ (24000+Free8400UC)
PUBG 400$
UC: 24000+Free8400
PRICE: AED 1,472.00
PUBG 300$ (18000+Free6300UC)
PUBG 300$
UC: 18000+Free6300
PRICE: AED 1,104.00
PUBG 300$ (18000+Free6300UC)
PUBG 200$
UC: 12000+Free4200
PRICE: AED 736.00
PUBG 100$ (6000+Free2100UC)
PUBG 100$
UC: 6000+Free2100
PRICE: AED 368.00
PUBG 50$ (3000+Free850UC)
PUBG 50$
UC: 3000+Free850
PRICE: AED 184.00
PUBG 25$ (1500+Free300UC)
PUBG 25$
UC: 1500+Free300
PRICE: AED 92.00
PUBG 10$ (600+Free60 UC)
PUBG 10$
UC: 600+Free60
PRICE: AED 36.80

How to Use:

How to redeem PUBG UC cards?

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your PUBG Mobile operator ID.
  3. Enter the code, then click OK to redeem.
  4. You will receive UC in your PUBG account immediately after redemption. 
  • Note: This product does not apply to Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Taiwanese/Vietnamese PUBG servers.


For those enthusiasts immersed in the thrill of survival battles in PUBG Mobile, elevate your gaming experience by recharging PUBG skins. Inject more suspense and enjoyment into your gameplay, soaring into a realm of boundless imagination!

Recharge your PUBG UC now to gain PUBG points or widgets, unlocking the ability to purchase an array of desired features within the game. Energize your PUBG UC wedges and secure exclusive PUBG weapons, empowering you to attain decisive victories over adversaries.

Additionally, adorn yourself with distinctively colored clothing in-game, setting you apart from your gaming peers. Charge up now and enhance your PUBG adventure!

Terms and Conditions:

This product is for the global PUBG version.

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