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An Exciting Place for the Whole Family to Shop.
An Exciting Place for the Whole Family to Shop.

New Product Halloween Skull Mask Headgear, Halloween New Product Skull Headgear Horror

Original price AED 88.77 - Original price AED 98.20
Original price
AED 98.20
AED 88.77 - AED 98.20
Current price AED 98.20

1. I have seen too many ordinary skull masks, and I can no longer convey the sense of fear to others, but the blood-red human skull mask is absolutely terrifying.
2. Each of our masks is handmade! It simulates the size of the human skull with extremely high design standards, especially the fitting design of the eyes, ears and nose, making the mask very comfortable to wear.
3. The blood red human brain design looks a bit too scary, but this is the characteristic of the mask. If you are afraid of directly scaring people, you can put on a hat and greet your friends politely! Do you think she can scream?
4. We do not provide a hat, but I still recommend that you wear a cool hat when using this mask, because when you take off the hat to reveal the red human brain, it will definitely shock people. Dress up for the night party and enjoy the original carnival! I can not wait! By the way, it breathes very well!
5. Best costume: suitable for special occasions such as fancy dress party, Halloween, cosplay, carnival, Christmas, steampunk party, this fashionable and vivid costume will give you many compliments

Product information:
Material: Silicone
Style: red skull mask, gray skull mask, red skull mask with hat, black skull mask with hat, double-layer hat with Jack hat
Size: 40*38 length * width
Weight: about 450 grams

1. Ridiculous
2. Terrible
3. Tricky

Packing list:
Silicone skull cover x 1

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