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An Exciting Place for the Whole Family to Shop.

Huaqiangbei Protws Third-generation Bluetooth Headset Airpro Macaron True Wireless 5.0 Bluetooth

Original price AED 73.00 - Original price AED 73.00
Original price
AED 73.00
AED 73.00 - AED 73.00
Current price AED 73.00

· Bluetooth version: JLV5.0,
· Chip: Bilateral stereo stereo chip
· Usage: In-ear
· Charging compartment battery capacity: 230mAh
· Headphone battery capacity: 35mAh
Transmission distance: 10-15m barrier-free distance
Frequency response: 20-20KHz
Speaker output sensitivity: 110dB±3dB
· Impedance (Ne): 32Ω
· Rated power: 13.4mw
Drive unit: 13mm
· Product color: Apple white
· Product material: ABS
· Headphone size: 24.5*32.6*18.5mm
· Charging compartment size: 45*60*22mm
· Earphone net weight: 35 g/piece
· Net weight of charging compartment: 450 g/pc
· Support agreement: a2dpavctpavdtpavrcphfpsppsmpattgapgattrfcommsdpl2cap profile

• Repositioning
• Open cover broadcast (Apple), automatic quick pairing, memory pairing function is taken out and ready to use, battery display
• Earphone touch clip charging
• Mode of operation: pressure-sensitive push-type
• Low power consumption and lasting battery life, 150-210 minutes of music playback
• One-key smart call to siri
• Bluetooth connection is fast and more stable
• Switch operation: open the top cover of the charging compartment, and the headset will automatically pair when it is turned on, or manually press and hold for 5 seconds to turn it on
• Functional operation:
Single click: play/pause, answer/hang up;
Two hits: reject the call; the next three hits: the previous one;
Operation change (check on the phone page) respectively press and hold AIRPODs to set Siri and noise control
• Shutdown operation:
After the earphone is put in the warehouse, close the top cover of the charging compartment, and the earphone is turned off (when the device is not connected, it will automatically shut down after 3 minutes to save power)
• Charging instructions:
a) Charging the earphone: Put the earphone into the charging box, the earphone will be charged automatically (the earphone has no indicator light). When each earphone is put in, if the charging contact is good, the green light will flash once, if the contact is bad, there will be no response. Put the two earphones in, close the lid, the green light will turn off automatically after 4 seconds (the same as the original function)
b) Charging the charging box: the orange light on the charging cable is always on and the orange light on the wireless charging is flashing, the green light on the charging cable is fully charged, and the green light is on when the wireless charging is fully charged. 

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