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An Exciting Place for the Whole Family to Shop.
An Exciting Place for the Whole Family to Shop.

Cross-border USB Winter Waterproof And Windproof Warm Carbon Fiber Intelligent Electric Heating Heating Men And Women Jacket Jacket Jacket

Original price AED 96.22 - Original price AED 204.34
Original price
AED 180.56
AED 96.22 - AED 204.34
Current price AED 180.56
Color: Black

The company has been focusing on the production of low-voltage intelligent heating products for more than ten years, with sophisticated technology and quality assurance; there are many customers in the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Canada and other countries; the products meet the customer market standards and have corresponding qualification certificates.


(The company's products all support a one-year warranty, this price does not include mobile power)



Climate warming makes extreme weather more frequent, and the frequency of unusually cold weather is increasing. No matter how cold the weather is, people still have to go out because they need to work and go to school, and they cannot stay in a warm home. In order to protect people who go out in extremely cold weather and people who are warm and afraid of cold, we are committed to providing safe, reliable, high-quality and cost-effective intelligent heating products.

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Product name: [factory customizable] winter waterproof windproof warm mobile power supply carbon fiber intelligent heating men's jacket


Three heating pads: two on the chest and one on the back



The fabric is made of very light polyester, which is waterproof, breathable and windproof, soft and more comfortable
Three heating pads protect the chest and back from the cold
Built-in battery function, three-level temperature adjustable device
Customizable USB interface or DC interface , all equipped with waterproof cap , more secure
Low voltage is safer! (The safety voltage of the human body is 36V, our products are 7.4V, there is no hidden danger of electric shock, you can use it with confidence!)


Material: polyester fiber + far-infrared carbon fiber heating wire (can be customized)

Product size: S/M/L/XL (can be customized)

Input voltage: 7.4V, 5V (customizable)

Current: can be customized

Battery: This link is not equipped with battery, please contact customer service if necessary

Product temperature: high temperature file: 50-55 degrees

Medium temperature file: 45-50 degrees

Low temperature file: 40-45 degrees

High thermal efficiency: close to 100%;

Fast heating up: It heats up instantly after power-on, and reaches the rated temperature in five seconds .


For washing:

1. The battery cannot be cleaned, please take out the battery before cleaning.

2. Please cover the DC head or USB head waterproof cap.

3. For machine wash, please put on a laundry bag.

4. Do not dry or iron at high temperature.



Operation guide:

1. Put on a coat

2. Connect the power bank (make sure the power bank has sufficient power)

3. Press and hold the controller on the left chest for 3 seconds, the red light flashes, the switch is activated, and the clothes begin to heat up. At this time, it is the preheating mode for 5 minutes, and the temperature can reach 60 °C; within 5 minutes, human intervention, short press for 1 second, That is to enter the high temperature gear, at this time the red light is on, the temperature is about 55 ℃; if there is no human intervention, it will automatically jump to the medium temperature gear after 5 minutes, at this time it is green light, the temperature is about 50 ℃; short press for 1 second, the blue light is on , enter the low temperature heat preservation gear, the temperature at this time is about 45 ℃.

4. Press and hold the controller for 3 seconds until the light turns off, the switch turns off, and the heating stops.

For more instructions or notices, please read the manual carefully.



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