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An Exciting Place for the Whole Family to Shop.
An Exciting Place for the Whole Family to Shop.

Binoculars, High-power, High-definition Binoculars

Original price AED 56.80 - Original price AED 60.50
Original price
AED 56.80
AED 56.80 - AED 60.50
Current price AED 56.80

Product Information:
Model: 100x22, 40x22
Structure: Binoculars
Instrument magnification: 10
Size: 11x7x5cm
Product weight of the whole box: 10.9kg (mm)
Exit pupil diameter: 10 (mm)
Field of view: 3000m/30000m
Resolution: HD
Specifications: Moco 100x22 double tube, Moco 40x22 double tube, Moco 100x22 double tube + spring clip, Moco 40x22 double tube + spring clip

Packing list:
Binoculars high-powered high-definition binoculars x1

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